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Logging In

Use your ID NUMBER or SEU email address to log-in.

You will be redirected to sign into after clicking Continue.

On initial login, you may be prompted to set up security questions.

When logged in, click on the JICS icon.  The icon may be in Frequents and/or Company tabs.

*Note for Parents* You will use your ID number and the password you set to log directly into JICS.  You will not be redirected to


  • Register for courses or check your transcript in the Student section
  • Pay your bill or check your balance in the Student Finances section
  • Check your room and roommate assignment in the Housing section


  • View courses and students in the Faculty section
  • Enter final grades in the Faculty section
  • Faculty Advisors may view advisees in the Faculty Advising section

Online Courses for Main Campus Students

High priority

Main campus undergraduate students may take up to two online course(s) per fall/spring semester* and up to four online course(s) in the summer.   Students are charged the normal tuition rate in the fall and spring semesters for online courses. 


Starting in Spring 2023-24, Main campus students may self-register for online courses in My Portal (JICS).  Online courses are identified with a fourth course component of ON (ex. ENGL-1133-60-ON or ENGL-1133-70-ON) and a location of Online in the standard undergraduate term. Courses with a third component in the "60"s meet in the first eight-week session (A), and courses that have a third component in the "70"s meet in the second eight-week session (B).


SEU recommends that Main campus undergraduate students who choose to take online courses take up to one online course in the A term and one online course in the B term in addition to the main campus courses each semester.  Online courses are eight weeks in length and, as such, are considered intensive.  They are recommended as an option for students who cannot form a full-time course schedule with all Main campus courses.


Please check your schedule to ensure you are registered appropriately for Main campus and, if applicable, Online courses.  All schedules must be correct by the end of the add/drop period.


*Aviation and Missional Leadership majors are not limited to two online courses per semester.

Add/Drop Information

     After you register for your courses, your schedule is official. Please check your schedule daily during the add/drop period to check for any changes, including course location changes, course additions, or drops. Mandatory courses may be added to your schedule by an SEU representative that are not eligible to drop.  You may add and drop courses until the last day of add/drop (please see the academic calendar for dates). 

     Students must log into MyFire prior to the Add/Drop deadline to complete the Student Acknowledgement for each course on their schedule.  If this step is not completed by the student, courses will be dropped from the student’s schedule immediately after the add/drop period; for dropped courses, no charge will be applied to the student’s account, and the course(s) will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.  Students that complete the Student Acknowledgement, but do not wish to remain in the course(s) must drop the course(s) in JICS prior to the add/drop deadline.  Students who do not drop courses in JICS but have completed the Student Acknowledgement will be billed for the course and the course will be recorded on the student’s official transcript.  Dropping and withdrawing from courses may impact your financial aid for the current or future terms; please be sure to speak with Student Financial Services prior to making any schedule adjustments.


     Please check your SEU Gmail account daily for important information from professors and departments across campus. Your SEU Gmail is the official mode of communication as a student at SEU.

There are two add/drop deadlines per semester: the first closes one week after Session A/full semester courses begin, and the second closes one week after Session B courses begin.  Please refer to the academic calendar for add/drop deadlines.