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Logging In

Use your ID NUMBER to log-in, NOT your Username.

This is not the same username and password that you might use to check your SEU email.

The default password is the last 4 numbers of your SSN.

Changing Passwords / Forgotten Passwords

Southeastern recommends that you change your password for JICS after logging in.

  • At the top of the page, to the right of your name, click on “Personal Info”
  • Then click on the “Password” tab
  • Enter your old password and then enter your new password.  Passwords must be between 4 to 16 characters in length .
  • Select “Save”

If for some reason you forget your password, you can request a password reset after a failed login attempt. Enter in your ID Number in the field at the top of the window and click the 'forgot password' link.  The system should automatically reset your password and email you the new, temporary password. If you are a Student or Staff member this will be your SEU email address.  After a password reset, please change your password back to something you can remember

Fall Add/Drop Information
     After you register for your courses, your schedule is official. Please check your schedule daily during the add/drop period to check for any changes, including course location changes, course additions or drops. You may add and drop courses until the last day of add/drop (please see academic calendar for dates). 

     Students must log into MyFire (BrightSpace Learning Portal) prior to the Add/Drop deadline to complete the Student Acknowledgement for each course on their schedule.  If this step is not completed by the student, courses will be dropped from the student’s schedule immediately after the add/drop period; for dropped courses, no charge will be applied to the student’s account, and the course(s) will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.  Students that complete the Student Acknowledgement, but do not wish to remain in the course(s) must drop the course(s) in JICS prior to the add/drop deadline.  Students who do not drop courses in JICS but have completed the Student Acknowledgement will be billed for the course and the course will be recorded on the student’s official transcript.  Dropping and withdrawing from courses may impact your financial aid for the current or future terms; please be sure to speak with Student Financial Services prior to making any schedule adjustments.


     Please check your SEU Gmail account daily for important information from professors and departments across campus. Your SEU Gmail is the official mode of communication as a student at SEU.


Fall 2019 Registration

Registration for the Fall 2019 Semester will be open as follows:

Returning Partner Site students: Monday March 18

New Partner Site students: Monday April 1

Online students: Monday April 1

Masters and Doctoral students: Monday April 1

Traditional Seniors, Athletes, Honors, ADA, & ROTC students: Monday April 1

Traditional Juniors: Wednesday April 3

Traditional Sophomores: Monday April 8

Traditional Returning Freshmen: Wednesday April 10

New Traditional/main campus students: Monday June 1.


You may review the schedule of courses via the Course Search link but will not be able to register until the open registration date.


When looking for Courses:

Select the correct Term (Traditional, Online, Blended Evening, Extension, Graduate, Doctoral) under the current Year/Term to see the courses in your program. Your Advisor is listed in JICS on the Degree Info page.
Contact your Advisor
 to discuss degree requirements.   

For Additional registration assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar,


For Traditional Undergraduate Students

Students declared under the 2018 or prior catalog year who have not completed the below core requirements will need to register for the listed corresponding course equivalencies.

Required Course on 2018 & Prior Catalog Years New Course Equivalency 
Business Requirement
BUSI 1903 Personal Financial Stewardship None: Take any general elective in its place
History Requirement
HIST 1013 Western Civilization to the 16th Century HIST 1033 World Civilization to 1600
HIST 1023 Western Civilization 17th Century to the Present HIST 1043 World Civilization since 1600
Religion Core
THEO 1503 Christ, Culture, & the University None: Take any religion elective in its place
BINT 1233 New Testament Survey BINT 1533 New Testament Interpretation
BIOT 1133 Old Testament Survey BIOT 1433 Old Testament Interpretation
THEO 1313 Survey of Christian Theology THEO 2123 Christian Thought & Practice
PHIL 2003 Principles of Ethics THEO 3123 Introduction to Ethics